Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon Unbound gba
Pokemon Unbound
Alpha 1.2.5
Remake By:
Remake From:
Pokemon Fire Red
Gameboy Advance 'GBA'
Incomplete (2 Gym)
Description & Story:
Pokemon Unbound it's a Hack of pokemon fire red remake by darkfire72.

Welcome to the Borrius Region, a region rich in history. Many years ago the Borrius region fought a brutal war with the Kalos region. The people of the Borrius region summoned a dark force to help them defeat their enemies; however the war ended in defeat when the king of the Kalos region unleashed the ultimate weapon. With the war over, the dark force was sealed away never to be used again. However, many years later, an organization known simply as “The Shadows” seems bent on releasing the dark force once again. It’s up to you to stop them and save the Borrius region from ultimate destruction.

  • Pokémon 1st-7th gen.
  • Updated Graphics
  • Updated Pokémon
  • Updated Mechanics
  • Eggs Hatch at Level 1
  • Day and Night System
  • Sideways Stairs
  • Running Indoors
  • Trainer Facing
  • BW2 Repel System
  • The Physical/Special Split
  • Mega Evolution
  • New HMs such as Rock Climb and Dive
  • Hidden Grottoes
  • Decapitalization
  • IVs and Natures Highlighted
  • XY Capture Experience System
  • Inverse Battles
  • More Items
  • New Music
  • Side Quests
Pokemon Unbound gba
Cheat Codes: HERE
Download Emulator for PC: HERE
Download Emulator for Android: HERE

NOTE:to decompress, you need to download winrar or winzip.

TIPS: If your Game freezes on a white Screen at Startup , Go to Options> Emulator> Backup Type, And Select '128K' Flash instead of '64K' Flash, And click Reset.

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