Pokemon Gaia

Pokemon Gaia
Pokemon Gaia
3.2 Complete
Remake By:
Spherical Ice
Remake From:
Pokemon Fire Red
Gameboy Advance 'GBA'
Pokemon Gaia is a hack of  Pokemon Fire Red by Spherical Ice.

The storied Orbtus region was once populated by a prosperous civilization. They created several monuments to their gods and guardians. Their untimely demise was brought about by a series of disastrous earthquakes; all that remains of their society are their temples, idols and story, as relics of the past.

In the present day, local archaeologist and Pokémon Professor, Professor Redwood, has noticed an increase in the region's seismic activity. Propelled by a growing concern for Orbtus' safety, he seeks the assistance of new Pokémon Trainers with a flair for adventure in the rural Celanto Town, a seaside town near the mysterious totem poles, and your home! Will you, along with the help of the Professor and your rival, be able to prevent the earth from consuming the region once more?
  • The Physical / Special / Status split
  • Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos
  • New moves and updated move sets, accurate to OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire, and with working effects and animations
  • Modern competitive items like the Choice Specs, Assault Vest, Ability Pill, and more
  • Modern abilities, ranging from Mega Launcher to Sheer Force
  • An in-battle Mega Evolution system, with Mega Stones hidden throughout the region
  • Fairy-type and the new type chart
  • Updated Pokémon sprites
  • Updated Trainer sprites and accurate over world sprites
  • Original songs, like Windmist City's theme and the battle music for the Elder Knights
  • Rock Climb and climbable walls
  • Dive and underwater maps, fully ported from Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
  • Hidden Grottoes and Secret Temples, which reward exploration with rare items and Pokémon with unique move sets
  • The Bug-Catching Contest
  • The Battle Marsh, a Battle Maison-esque facility
  • Sideways stairs
Various quality of life changes:
-The player faces Trainers before battles
-Running Shoes can be used indoors
-Pokémon, item, location, etc. names are in title case
-A bonus Premier Ball is given for every purchase of ten or more Poké Balls
-Repellents give reuse prompts upon expiration
-Experience Points are gained upon Pokémon capture
-Technical Machine items are reusable
-Field moves have faster animations

Saves from v3.0 and v3.1 ARE compatible with v3.2.as with v3.0, saves from versions v2.5 or before of Gaia are NOT compatible with v3.2. This beta ends after the credits roll in the Pokémon League, with all eight Gym battles, the full main story, and the Elite Four and Champion battles.
Pokemon Gaia

NOTE:to decompress, you need to download winrar or winzip.

TIPS: If your Game freezes on a white Screen at Startup , Go to Options> Emulator> Backup Type, And Select '128K' Flash instead of '64K' Flash, And click Reset.

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