Pokemon Dark Crystal

Pokemon Dark Crystal
Pokemon Dark Crystal
Beta 1
Remake By:
Remake From:
Pokemon Emerald
Gameboy Advance 'GBA'
Pokemon Dark Crystal is a Emerald Hack With New Pokemon Moves and mush more

 On the present day, the professor have finally returned on Hairo from her visit on different regions. Upon arrival, she reminds a memory of her and three young children who were best friends and very potential to their dreams take a journey to become a great Trainers. The professor goes on Sketchy Town to visit the three children who are now grown-ups to give a task to complete a certain research, to challenge the Hairo League, and to achieve their dreams and goals as they take their journey.

Catch, train, and battle your Pokémon as you step forward to be a Pokémon League Champion. Battle your Rivals, the greatest Gym Leaders, the intensive Elite Fours, and some special Trainers as you make companionship and camaraderie with them. Defeat, learn the goals, and seek truths from the villanous group called Team Enigma as they act terrorism and world domination to rule Hairo and the world. Seek, battle, and catch the great and powerful ancient, mythical Legendary Pokémon gathered in Hairo. Battle the decisive Frontier Brains as you step in an extensive battleground called Battle Frontier. Cross many paths as you make your own journey to become the greatest and awesome Pokémon Trainer ever.
  • New Pokémon: 721 Pokémon as of Generation VI 
  • New Moves: Some Moves as of Generation VI 
  • New Abilities: Some Abilities as of Generation VI 
  • Fairy Type: The addition of the Fairy Type is in the game.
  • Physical/Special/Status Split
  • New Repel System
  • Poison Survival Style
  • Infinite TMs
  • Capture-Experience Gain System
  • Rearranged Music
  • Missions in Game
  • Easter Eggs
Pokemon Dark Crystal

NOTE:to decompress, you need to download winrar or winzip.

TIPS: If your Game freezes on a white Screen at Startup , Go to Options> Emulator> Backup Type, And Select '128K' Flash instead of '64K' Flash, And click Reset.

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